Kirill Galenko

An expert full stack developer, with a bias towards front end technologies.

Highly experienced with html, css, php, javascript and various front and back end frameworks such as custom wordpress, react and laravel.

My favourite live/public projects

Bardahl Latvia

A simple, yet very effective custom store front site with a simple, yet professional design, product/category filtering and a highly optimised checkout process.

The homepage is assembled using a custom builder, which monitors the selected content, avoids duplicates, shuffles featured/paid articles and has other neat article flow management features. The article page features an infinite scroll with an intelligent next/upcoming article algorithm.

Finsbury Foods

Information oriented portal for shareholders, employees and clients alike with multiple integrations, reporting tools and custom layout builders.

A simplistic looking, but ultimately user-experience focused responsive site.

Nordic Hair

Each page appears unique as the site is built using a custom content editor, it allows for really simple site content management, while ensuring that the appearance is always professional and each page looks tailored.

Premier Companies

A highly custom, yet flexible company site, each page can be assembled using custom blocks, for a unique, high quality feel on every page. The web site also features advanced integrations with third party services for dynamic content output and input.

Schuh Lookbook

A specialist tool web site for industry professionals to request samples/photo packs from the famous shoe brand.

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